Google App helps parents monitor their children while using mobile

 Google has just made available a tool that will help Рand a lot Рthe lives of those parents who do not want to risk having their children accessing or downloading inappropriate content on the cell phone.

With the name of Family Link; the novelty allows parents to monitor the time children spend on their cell phone, manage what they can use, and even define details as a bedtime for the kids.
All you have to do is sign up for the service; create a Google account for your child managed by your Family Link (it’s limited to children under 13) and install the official tool app on your mobile phone. From this; it’s all a matter of creating your rules so that they can not access certain applications or that the phone hangs from a certain time.

Unfortunately; it’s no use getting too excited about the novelty.

Family Link is an exclusive of the American public, so you’ll have to be content with tools from other companies to try to protect your kids.