Google Maps now helps you find where to park your car


Shoot the first stone who is not very apprehensive when taking that car ride without knowing if there is where to stop your vehicle when you reach your destination.

With that in mind, Google is launching a welcome addition to its map service: now you can see how difficult it is to be able to park in different regions of cities.
The functionality, as you can see from the gallery below, does not require any extra action on your part. Just open your Google Maps and add a destination for your trip, as you would normally do, so that a “P” icon appears next to the route time estimate. Next to it, the application displays information indicating whether the location has “Easy,” “Medium,” or “Limited” parking, based on the history of who stopped there.

To make your life a little easier, you can still use the Find Parking feature (available when you see more of your destination information in the app) to get suggestions of where to stop nearby. Just choose the option that you think is best for it to be automatically added to your route;- with a guide on how to get from where you parked to your destination.