NetSpot: a micro-revolution in Wi-Fi network management


Pointing out a revolution in Wi-Fi is not an easy task, but nowadays it is what NetSpot is committed to when it offers us a varied set of tools that will make a difference, whether we are professionals who are common users, upgrade a wireless network.

Analysis, detection and diagnosis of wireless network problems and guidance aimed at the definitive resolution are the pillars of this application that promises to help and micro revolutionize like never before.

Who is NetSpot for?

Any space, be it our home or the office; due to the diffusion of the Internet via wireless will / should be configured as a network. And if we add the fact that the Internet is not just for computers and that more and more is accessed via smartphone or tablet and multiple users simultaneously it is normal to start to appear problems; whether they are configuration or quality of signal or, in some cases, the two types of problem simultaneously.

The reader of this article, no matter if it is a home or professional user; because in many cases the most likely is to resort to the most specialized technical help in configuring and troubleshooting wireless networks.

What is NetSpot

There are many such alternatives available; but today we have focused on a tool that by its specialty and success rate almost compels us to make this article, NetSpot. We are facing a more professional application, oriented to the research of Wi-Fi networks, analysis and resolution of problems that they may present, always with the intention of increasing the performance of Wi-Fi.

As intuitive as it is easy to use, it shows your advantages early on as you do not need to have “GOD” level knowledge to improve our Wi-Fi, whether at your home or office. And this without needing special equipment. You only need one Mackbook with Mac OS X 10 or higher or a PC running Windows 7 or higher. This application works with any 802.11 network, be it the old 802.11b standard or the latest 802.11ac standard. It is available for Mac and Windows, with the advantage that with the same code you can activate both platforms.


Briefly, NetSpot is the simplest network analysis software for Mac or Windows. It is essential that you have a solid and accurate analysis of the location and how to know the performance of the existing radio frequency. And just a few clicks are enough to load the plant or a map of the desktop before starting the analysis process.

How it works?

To start, simply indicate where exactly it is on the map and NetSpot immediately starts measuring the wireless signal. It is possible for the user to move around the area and receive information about Wi-Fi throughout the area.

An area recognition is essential because it will sustain and determine the feasibility of implementing a network in a given area; as well as finding the best sites for installation of antennas or access points; as well as help in choosing equipment to buy .

With this survey of wireless location information you need it becomes easier to work to build a solid network without loss of signal. It is with this information that you can collect and analyze data such as signal loss;discover sources of signal disturbance (noise), locate effective access points, and other information.