Safari is the bug champion of the year so far


Project Zero is a Google initiative that brings together experts to find bugs and vulnerabilities across platforms.

The most recent report released by the group was targeting browsers, and after reviewing the major software of the genre, it recorded 31 flaws throughout the year, with most of them in a single application.

And, probably to the surprise of a lot of people; this browser is Apple Safari, which had 17 bugs identified by Project Zero. The other browsers analyzed did not perform poorly, with Chrome being the best of them all with only two bugs identified. In second place were Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, both with four bugs. Finally, Microsoft Edge came next, with six problems identified.


It is worth remembering that these failures have already been corrected by their developers; which does not fail to show an overview of the possibilities of failures and vulnerabilities of these platforms.

The problems were identified by Domato. Google’s software, which now has its source code available for free from the company.

During the tests, Google “bombarded” browsers with random codes to capture potential flaws. This happened about 100 million times for each brownser and was intended to encounter problems in the rendering engines of the applications. Thus, taking the performance of WebKit, the engine of Safari, the others did not present any characteristics of concern.

Apple strengthens itself

Apparently, Apple has already strengthened itself to fix this apparent weakness in your browser’s rendering engine. The company hired a former Project Zero staff member and also accepted the help offered by Google.
“To try to resolve this discrepancy [between Safari and other browsers], I contacted Apple Security proposing to share tools and methodology,” said Ivan Ftratric, one of the project leaders. “When one of Project Zero’s members decided to move to Apple, he contacted me and asked if the offer was still valid. So Apple received a copy of the report and we hope it will use it to improve WebKit, “he said.