Talkdesk uses artificial intelligence to help customers in real-time


Company has a set of new products to launch. The first one is called Context Mobile and wants to help the customer even before he asks for help. The IRS Deduction: Seed Program Opens Applications for Startups More Views TRAVEL The 30 most visited cities in the world in 2017 RESTORATION

Find out why Pizza Hut and Telepizza want to join WORK Portuguese recruits say what matters most in the curriculum JUSTICE There is changes in the Citizen Card already starting tomorrow JUSTICE Who require a copy of the Citizen Card already paid even fine Talkdesk recently presented a new product capable of revolutionizing the call center industry.

This is software that uses artificial intelligence to be able to help the customer; solve certain problems without having to wait to be served by an agent of the company. It’s called Context Mobile and is part of Talkdesk Context; a suite of products that Talkdesk (specializing in developing cloud-based call center software) has created to streamline communication between the company and its customers.


This tool, the company said in a statement, gives the call center agent “minute-to-minute” knowledge of consumer activity in the applications, enabling them to better understand and solve the problems posed.

” However, this solution is not only useful to the company, on the contrary. It “addresses the modern consumer, who seeks to solve his problems / issues on his own before soliciting support from an agent.”

At the Talkdesk Road Show in New York; where the idea was presented, it was also clarified that “by providing this information to the agent in real time, Context Mobile drastically reduces call time; since the need for confirmation has been eliminated identity and explanation of needs.

” Talkdesk CEO Tiago Paiva recalls that “contact centers have not suffered any disruption for too long.” and that Context Mobile is therefore “the opportunity for companies to turn to Artificial Intelligence.”