How to transform drafts into well-defined drawings with the help of software


Google has developed a tool that turns scrawls into well-defined designs.

AutoDraw, as the app has been christened; uses artificial intelligence to “fix” user traits and works on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. The tool works from a bank of drawings created by artists like Erin Butner, Julia Melograna, Simone Noronha and information collected from a Google game, Quick, Draw !.

In this game, the user draws something and the program tries to find out what it is. Right or wrong; everything that is drawn has its recognized standards and serves as “learning” for the machine.

Now that learning is being used in AutoDraw. The technology was developed by programmers Dan Motzenbecker and Kyle Phillips and built on Google Creative Labs; the technology company’s creative laboratory. It is similar to the Quick, Draw! Game, but in addition to recognizing the drafts, AutoDraw replaces them with better finished drawings.