With the help of mobile, software creates personalized smile


Ever thought if you could create a perfect smile for you? This dream is already a reality. Digital Smile Design aims to develop a new smile in harmony with the patient’s face and personality; using a more emotional and artistic concept to improve people’s quality of life and self-esteem more accurately and quickly.

Digital Smile Design is computer software used by professionals in dental clinics that helps create the dream smile of people who for some reason do not have the teeth they would like.

“In a nutshell, you can film and photograph the patient’s face with their own cell phone;” play “that video on their computer, and start smiling,” says Christian Coachman; a Well Clinic dental surgeon and creator of Digital Smile Design (DSD).

From there, the creation of the smile is done digitally through the analysis of photos; videos and dimensional scans of the person’s entire mouth using 3D software that simulate the results and show the patient what modifications will be made to his smile; whether or not they are , approved by him. In this way, the results obtained are more accurate and faster.

this analysis everything is observed meticulously from dental facial proportions to the relationship between teeth, gums and lips. In addition, the digital presentation is clear, appealing and understandable to the patient.

“It’s important to note that DSD is not just software, video, photos or drawings. It is a work philosophy at the emotional level that connects people through visual communication, real attention and emotions, “says the creator.

Total patient participation

For Christian, allowing the patient to participate in this process is the grand balcony of this new technique. “The biggest advantage of all is the patient’s interaction as co-author of his own smile. He actively participates in the process, being able to “create” his smile according to his preference, it is totally personalized; “says the expert.

After being analyzed; tested and approved (by patient and professional). the digital smile design is passed on to a team of dentist and smile designers who will decide what are the best materials; techniques and procedures to enable, in fact, the smile of dreams.

This patient + team partnership involved in the project is critical to treatment success. “The secret is knowing how to listen and at the same time guide. This also depends on the patient, more visual people are easier and generally give more opinions, others prefer that the professional shows the way. Regardless of the process; the important thing is for the patient to feel secure and to realize that we are there to serve him, “says the specialist.

Prices and data around the world
This technology has become a fever and today there are more than 20 thousand DSD adherents; which is currently in more than 150 clinics around the world, which are installed in 5 continents; 55 countries and 160 cities, totaling more than 2 million smiles ” created “around the world.