Technology reduces construction time by half


Using computer programs aimed at job administration and job monitoring can reduce, on average, 50% of project completion time.

Sitting in the company’s office, Chastinet spends most of his time working in front of computer screens and his smartphone. In each device, different platforms provide data and assist in the planning necessary for the completion of electrical, hydraulic and fire-fighting installations in buildings.

AutoCAD, software that allows you to create technical drawings in two or three dimensions, serves as a basis for all projects made in Chastinet. Because they allow the reading and transfer of data in the CAD, the other programs support and perform additional functions, which depend on the purpose of the work.

“For each type of installation there is a specific program to streamline the project. For the electric, for example, we use Lumine. Already when the goal is to manage data; it is more practical to have access through the mobile, which is done with MSProject, “says Chastinet.

Economic advantage

Through SketchUp software; 3D project modeling brought administrative and financial advantages to Orlando Barros, architect and chief executive officer of Orlando Barros Architecture.

“The more detailed the projects, and for this the software fulfills its role, the greater the precision in the planning and the economy. It is estimated on average a 20% optimization of the total value of the work; both in materials and labor, “explains Barros.

He believes that the investment made in versions and updates of paid programs should be calculated according to the company’s project flow, as well as the speed of work execution.

“With the help of engineering software, it is possible to foresee future constructive problems, making the projects compatible before their execution, saving time and money,” says Amilton Góis, executive director of GTRX.

For structural building projects, the company uses the Eberick; Cypecad and TQS programs, platforms that are used for the elaboration of electrical, hydraulic; sanitary and gas systems.

“We also work with software that has modules optimized for mobile phones, as well as applications for smartphones,” says Góis.

Programs that assist in the management

SketchUp – Available for Windows and Mac OS, software is suitable for creating 3D models on your computer. The program is available in two versions: the professional, PRO, and the free, Make. Make can only be purchased for private, non-commercial use

AutoCAD – Created and marketed by Autodesk company; it is mainly used for the elaboration of technical drawings in 2D or 3D. It is available in both Windows and Mac OS versions

Eberick – Program focused on concrete structural projects. The software has version available for Windows system