MSC Software increases focus on solutions for autonomous vehicles with the acquisition of VIRES


With the aim of facilitating the development of autonomous vehicle technologies and expanding its portfolio, MSC Software ( has acquired the German company VIRES, which specializes in automation simulation for vehicles.

With Virtual Test Drive, software developed by VIRES, it is possible to simulate traffic, temperature and other innumerable traffic variables to evaluate how an autonomous car would react to these situations. “In addition to other mechanical analysis solutions that MSC offers, we have the most complete simulation possible for the development of standalone vehicle technologies,” says Valdeni Novaes, regional director for Latin America at MSC.

the company meets a demand from the automakers that need to adapt automobiles to Brazil, as well as to develop new local prototypes. “Our country has very particular characteristics of traffic, so it is essential to make available this simulation technology to the Brazilian teams of development and testing of vehicles,” he explains.

In addition to being essential to achieving the dream of a fully autonomous car, Virtual Test Drive promotes sustainable practices in the automotive industry. On the one hand, virtual simulations generate savings and reduce material waste by complementing or even replacing a physical prototype. On the other hand, the same process makes it possible to achieve products that are more energy efficient.


To know more

With the aim of presenting its portfolio of simulation software, as well as demonstrating practical cases of uses of this technology, MSC Software has organized a series of events aimed at the industry around the country.

A company that develops simulation software that allows engineers to validate and optimize their designs using virtual prototypes.

This technology makes it possible not only to complement but, in some cases, to fully replace the physical prototype, generating considerable savings. Founded in 1963 in California, USA, it was acquired by the US multinational Hexagon AB in 2017. In the same year, MSC bought the German company VIRES.